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Reviving My Wardrobe With Some Me Made Clothes

Last summer Mother and I had a lovely shopping trip where I bought lots of lovely new fabric. The idea had been that as I had finally got back to my goal weight I would make lots of new clothes to show off the new trim me. It did not work out like that, I never got round to sewing anything and all that fabric has sat in a box for about a year.  That new trim bod has been expanding since then, slowly at first and rapidly after lockdown hit. I also came to the conclusion that clothes that where formfitting or snug when at goal where not that useful, it didn't take long for clothes to become too small to wear.  So I have decided to make clothes in the next size up, which is much closer to the recommended sizes on the back of commercial patterns. This means that although they are tighter now they will fit better in the in between now and goal weights.  I should probably quantify that the now verses goal sizes are not too different: Bust = 39 to 38 = 1 inch Waist = 32 - 30 = 2 inch Hip

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