Friday, 16 March 2018

Yarn for Easter eggs

I have had to remove chocolate from my diet as part of my battle agents migraines so instead of buying lots of Easter eggs this year I got my "egg budget" to spend on yarn. Seems like a fair deal, and probably better for my health and weight loss aspirations too.

Rico Essentials Cotton (DK) - Jade Green (47) - 50g

So I have treated my self to a few balls of cotton yarn to make some pot holders and mandalas with. I have pink, white and blue at home so I bought jade green (above), beige, violet, lemon, and silver so i can make some lovely pastel bits. 

Pictures owner unknown

I am still going to be making my hydrangea blanket which I love, but I can take little breaks for some pastel colour love like the above inspirational image. 

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