Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Long lost blog

It't been a long time since I have posted but for some reason I feel like writing again today. I know no one reads or at least follows this blog, and only my dad Bill reads my other blog, but I fancy sharing with the universe in general at the moment. 

I probably wont have time to write lots at a time but I like the idea of mini posts atm. Things I have seen and loved to look back on and feel inspired. Or maybe just curiosity, I doubt I am in any way inspiring. 

The last year ish has been hard, I have been suffering with chronic migraines, that is to say having migraines on a nearly daily basis. It wears you down, body, mind, and soul. It has taken so much of my life and myself and I am fighting to regain what I have lost. 

For months if not almost years now I haven't really done much in the way of crafting, I haven't had the time, energy or passion to make. I am a crafter at heart so when I say I had lost the passion it's like saying I have lost a great part of myself.

Lately I have got back into crochet again and it feels so good. It started when I caught up with my friend L (I prefer to get permission before using peoples names) and she was telling me all about the crochet along she was looking forward to doing.

It was the woodland blanket from attic 24 and looking at her blog and the yarn pack on woolwarehouse made me want to make too. So when I won some money on my office's lotto I decided to spoil my self and got a couple of packs, and how I am hooked (excuse the pun) and planning more blankets. 

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