Sunday, 25 March 2018

A weekend in London

This weekend we went to London for a bit, not a long trip, just one night. We went up early Saturday, chilled out for a bit then went to the national gallery. On Sunday we popped to our favorite shops and then got the train back. It wasn't a long trip but it was a welcome break.

The gallery was rather lovely, I especially liked the landscapes. I even got some postcards of some of my favorite paintings to put on my wall, something to remember my time in London and that I want to go more and see things like the gallery to expand my mind.

We had Korean fried chicken for dinner, its so crispy. I even tried pickled watermelon which was surprisingly lovely, I need to find me a recipe. London has so many foods to try, each time we try at least one new thing and often find things that we really like. Also on my list of things to try and make at home are Koshari and Jerusalem bagels with Za'atar.

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