Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Getting organised

If I am honest I'm not very good at housework, I have never managed to get into a routine to help me get all those tiny jobs done that make a beautiful clean house. So this week my plan is to make me some plans, I don't mean just work out what to do but make lists and a timetable to break up all the tasks and spread them out.

I already do my best to do a weekly food plan but need to make sure I do it every week. I have already made me a simple plan chart that has all the boxes I need. Many of the ones I found on line didn't suit me. I don't need to plan in snacks, I don't have kids and my week starts on a Monday. So I made my own one with just lunch and dinner, Monday to Sunday with a extra column for notes so I can record things that are happening that day.

Next I need a housework plan, looking at ones other people have done I think I want one that covers a month, or rather 4 week. It wants to have daily tasks like to feed the fish but also weekly and monthly tasks for things I don't need to do that often. If I can spend 30 min per day doing jobs with maybe a little extra at the weekends for those bigger tasks I should be good. I also want a space to record a to do list for jobs I need to that are not regular like putting up that mirror I bought ages ago.

If I can work out how I will of course share, they won't be all that exciting though.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

My view

We cleaned the windows at the front of my flat today, we did it later afternoon and by the time we finished the sun was going.

This view made the work well worth the effort. 

I love the view from my flat. 

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Hopes and dreams and plans.

As ever there is so much I want to do. I am part way through making my partners blanket, got about 20 squares knitted on my loom and about 8 of those sewn together. He seems happy with it atm. I'm making it of some soft baby yarn, its a bit more expensive than the normal yarn I use buy my partner is worth it.
I started making some bloomers with the new sewing machine I got for Xmas but the machine is broken. The peddle or circuitry that controls it is broken and despite my best attempts to work around it I just can't sew with any accuracy with it. So its being sent back and I hope to buy a replacement in the next few weeks, a trip to my local Hobbycraft a few towns over may be in order.
I am taking a break from beaded crochet rope atm, although I must post about the latest 3 I have made, they turned out quite well. I have a good stash of size 6 beads now, my favorite size, and I will make more soon, like one for my Aunt.
I also now have a cake pop machine so expect a post about my adventures with that soon.
Other than that my to craft list includes 2 dresses and to glazing some charms. Then I will have a look at my new crochet book, maybe make some blouses and/or a new petticoat. It is safe to say that there is a lot to keep me busy atm.