Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Patch Work Crochet

I have been surfing blogs again, and today I am loving this post by My Rose Valley. 

Is this not a lovely idea, it may find a place on my to make list once I have ticked some stuff off. 

And this, I have dabbled in English paper piece quilting but never thought about the shapes converting over to crochet. 

And finally this. The colours, the pattern, its all just so comforting.

Crochet is all about comfort to me, the snuggle cuddly things made, the comfort and relaxation of the making. Its mostly comfy colours that attract me, touchable patterns to snuggle under.

Which brings me to my hydrangea blanket that I have now done 61 of 88 colours on. Its getting really big, and even though its not finished, if I am cold I cant help reaching for it. 

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