Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Flowers for my mummy.

For xmas my aunt, knowing me so well, bought me a crochet book full of really cute patterns. As I flicked through I came to a page with a note tucked in it. Apparently my mum had also fallen in love with the book and with one pattern in particular. 

And who am I to say no to my mother, she is amazing and wonderful and kind and smart and all those things a mother should be.

So here is 28 roses for the tea cozy, there is meant to be 29 but I ran out of yarn. Mums favourite colour is purple, closely followed by lilac and I also found another nice colour in the yarn shop on my way home from work.

On a side note I can't believe I have been walking past a yarn shop for years and never noticed.

Next step is to make the other side of the cozy and then decorate it and fit it to the tea pot. Best get making. 


  1. The roses are lovely. I use a similar pattern and make brooches with them. Am looking forward to seeing the cozy...knowing me if I made one it woul;d be big enough for an urn...not too good at sizing!

    1. I'm having to make the cozy on the fly atm coz the pattern was not big enough, that or my sizing is off.
      brooches sound like a lovely idea. May give that a go.