Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Week 9 Challenge and new bag

Its Tuesday again which means time to pick a new challenge. Last weeks was satisfying for me but not all that interesting for everyone else so lets make something. 

This week I will make bows. I got some shoe clips in the post the other week so I may make bows for my shoes or maybe some for my hair I am not sure yet, I just know it will be bows this week. 

And here is my side project at the moment.

Every other week I meet up with some friends for some crochet/crafts and a chat. To carry my yarn and bits all I have is a rather dull brown reusable shopping bag which is both huge and ugly. So to I am making a new bag that is a better size and much cuter. I was inspired by a blanket I saw on Pintrest that had hearts on it made of filled or empty squares.

So I used the idea and here is the bag so far, another layer of hearts in grey then a handle in pink and it will be just right. Here is a picture of my prototype with hook for scale. 

Monday, 25 February 2013

The epic sort and tide.

This weeks challenge of giving away some toys soon turned into the epic clear and sort and tidy of the spare room. It all started when I mentioned to some friends that I wanted to give away some toys And one friend said she would love them to sell to raise money. I later asked if it was just toys she wanted and when she said she wanted anything she could sell it all went a bit mad.

First challenge was mount cardboard, all the boxes from Xmas has been piled up in the back and forgotten, so 3 black bags later and that was that cleared out. As I was starting a pile of stuffed toys my partner joined me and soon added some unwanted Xmas gifts and electronics. A rummage in the wardrobe added a bags worth of clothes I no longer wore. And before we knew it we had 2 black bags and 2 big boxes of stuff. 

And then I turned my attentions to my craft supplies, I have bits and pieces all over our home. Tucked anywhere my partner won't look, but even I admit it is a mess and I have no idea what I have any more. So with the purchase of some nice new boxes I began sorting. A box for felt, a box for beads, a box for scraps of yarn, tubs for balls of yarn, a box for flower and feathers and leaves. Well you get the idea. 

I decided that I didn't need my fabric stash, spread over my home as it was so I bagged that all up and gave it to my mum to make into bags and other stuff to sell, 4 bags in total. I saved 3 pieces of fabric that I just couldn't give up. Its too easy to keep a bit of fabric and say I will work out what to make with it later but the truth is I never remember and just buy more fabric.

So now I feel happy and proud of our work as I sit here in my comfy chair next to my partner as he plays his games. Admiring my work and the space it has created. But it won't stop here, more is to be done. I will sort the boxes from uni that have been in the wardrobe since I moved in. I will find new and smart ways to fit more clothes in. I will make new covers to cheer up my comfy but dull chair. I will make me a nice little crafting corner where I can work on making beautiful things. 

So with a happy contented smile I say goodnight, sorry its a boring one to read but it has been a satisfying one to do.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Week 8 challenge

This week is both late and not that interesting. I have too many stuffed toys, clothes I don't wear and other stuff that I don't really need. So I'm starting some spring cleaning by giving away stuff I don't use/wear. 

A friend of mine is having a boot sale to raise money for a local group so I'm hunting round the flat for any thing with value that I don't use. I'm being ruthless and giving all but my most loved stuffed toys, which to be fair leaves plenty behind but also gives away plenty too. I'm giving away clothes that I haven't warn in ages which are just taking up valuable space in my cramped wardrobe. My partner is even adding to the pile. 

I know that the next step is to clear out the boxes I have hidden around the flat that are full of stuff from other places I have lived. The first of which are the last 2 I have in my wardrobe, there was once 4 but I went through and got rid of loads of stuff but a large part of what's left is uni and collage notes which take time to scan in.

Soon I will also start my big rearrange of my wardrobe, I need more space, my clothes are too poofy for the space I have. I have some cunning plans to maximise my space and arrange it all better. Step 1 is to clear out the bottom, which will include moving some of my shoes, but I have a plan.

Making lip balm

Making the lip balm was surprisingly easy and didn't take too long. I followed the recipy from the Martha Stewart site.

I think my TBS of wax was a little on the generous side so next time I will be more care full, and the flavour oil didn't seem to taste of anything. But in all I was pleased with the results and have given away a few pots already.

Next time, less wax so its not so hard and difficult to get out the tin, better flavour oil so it tastes good. And that's all I would change. Was a good challenge. Best workout the next one because I'm starting to slip and become late.


Friday, 15 February 2013

Challenge week 7

I'm running a little late but this one should be a quick one if it works. This week I'm making lip balm. 

I have all my supplies, beeswax, carrier oil (I chose sweet almond oil), flavour, and some cute 5ml pots, I have an old small jug I'm going to make it in so I'm all set.

I made some lip scrap last week as a random craving and having used it a couple of times now I have to say I'm quite pleased. I'm going to make some for my mum and aunt. Chuck in some of my home made lip balm and some of my favorite brands nourishing balm and I have a cute winter lip recovery kit, just what us ladies need for kissable lips in these cold months.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Hama beads and some ripples.

I have liked this weeks challenge, hama beads are fun, relaxing and strangely satisfying. I haven't made all the things on my list yet, still need to make mums thing, but I did make some fun stuff. 

This is my companion cube.

I saw a picture of one on pinterest and worked out the pattern from there. I missed a couple of beads on one of the sides but managed to slip them in and re-iron. I gave it to my partner who likes it, but then he enjoyed the game too.

I made me a bow, the first attempt wasn't all that, I over ironed it a bit.

But the second one looked good and I'm going to add a pin to it so I can wear it in my hair.

I also made this guy, he's a bit big for a necklace really but I'm tempted to make him into one anyway.

And these are my ripples, a nice full size blanket I'm making. It crochets up really fast and I have only been working on it for a week and a half now. 

I love this pattern, its fast to do and looks really good. I made a cushion with the same pattern using double knit and I am making this blanket by doubling up the double knit as I could not find the colours/brand I wanted in the weight I wanted.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Challenge week 6, and update on 5

The making of ice cream went well, it tasted good and although I am contemplating both how much scone and jam goes in as well as the logic of recording the amounts, I am pleased with the results. It was a surprisingly good combo. 

Sadly its not to my partners taste but that just leaves more for me. I also failed to take any pictures so I'm afraid this is a very dull looking post for me this week.

Although the next challenge should be much more colourful. Week 6 challenge is hama beads. Do you remember those little plastic beads you put on peg board and ironed? Well that's what I got, I have a few beads through already and even more on the way. 

I plan to make a companion cube for my partner and a bow for my hair. Oh and a coaster for my mum to match her cozy (really must see about getting photos of it).

My other plan is to make some items for my mum to sell at craft fairs  when they start in the summer. I'm also tempted to design some clothes to sell. But that will take some further thought. 

At the moment one of my designs is being made, a military lolita outfit, made out of an old pair of curtains. I also now have my new dress back, a red and cream one we designed for Xmas but didn't get both dresses made it time, my bad, I over did the design and made it to complicated to make in the time we had. I hope to arrange a photo shoot soon to show them off.

OK that's a lot of me talking (well typing) will try to get some pictures up soon.