Thursday, 29 August 2013


Why is there never enough time for crafts. After having a job, time with partner, and a little with friends there seems to be so little time left for crafts. Of course it helps that most of my friends also like to craft but I still have a huge list of things to make mounting up.
So my list starts with bloomers, I really need some, I have enough muslin to make a couple of pairs and the bias binding to finish at least one pair. I need more blouses but I don't have the fabric for those. I have fabric for 2 dresses, one with a brown and gold butterfly bodice and the other plain yellow all over, but I may add a butterfly to that too. Embroidered butterfly's should look great on both, but I need to brush up on my embroidery first.
I have my tea box to line, I have foam and felt to do it, I just need to get going. I have a bracelet to make and want to make a couple for mum to sell when she goes to craft fairs. I need to buy porcelain pen so the girls and I can decorate our cups, and more urgent I need to make a friend a birthday gift.
Oh so much to do.
I also need to tell you about my tray and arrange a photoshoot and of course get ready for the bake off. There just is not enough time. But I guess it would be easier if I where not so easy to distract, if I would just get on work at what I need to do.
Well it beats being board! Ramble over.

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