Thursday, 22 August 2013

Victory, beaded crochet rope.

Crochet beaded rope is a craft I tried many months back now and completely failed at. Now I don't normally fail at crafts, things may not turn out as I hope but it does tend to vaguely work, but when I tried beaded crochet rope I completely failed! All I got was a knot of beads and thread, not even remotely resembling what I was hoping for. So chucked the beads back in their box and wrote it off as the craft I just can't do.

Please do thing me big headed when I say I am good at crafts, I will never run a marathon, paint a master piece, wright a great book, or change the world. I am however quite good at learning things and at making things. I learnt crochet off YouTube, learnt basic dress making with a few pointers from my mum, posts on live journal, and a couple of books in Japanese (which I don't speak/read). I may be clumsy, ditsy and a really bed speller but I know my strengths and one of them is crafts. So when I say I failed at this I mean I was annoyed, I don't fail at crafts.

Lately I have been going a bit bead mad, so I decided I would give this mysterious craft one more go. I watched even more videos, bought some big pony beads so I could better see what was going on and gave it a go. And to my great joy I was sucsessful. The picture above is of my first succesful rope, I was very proud, since then I have done a few other test pieces with smaller beads and I will make a full piece soon and post the results.

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