Saturday, 10 August 2013

My crochet kit

Ever since we started the afternoon tea society we had talked about talking hook cases. And once I bought my last set of hooks (I will need large hooks for my full fade wave blanket, to come later) I realised I had 26 hooks, 15 unique sizes and wanted something or some way nice to store and transport them. So I bought a fat quarter of cute fabric and planned my case to have a slot for each hook size and pockets for my needle book, scissors and tape measure.

The outside is waffle stitch and I still need too add some ribbon to hold it closed, the inside looks really good and I even added a space for a pen/pencil. The needle book, althought you can't see it, has a cross stitch heart on the front to match the bag.

I asked mother to line the bag which should help make it last longer and helps the heart pattern show up. 

All in all im I'm very happy with my set, its a pleasure to gather my supplies and head out on a Friday for tea. If anyone ever read this and wanted to know how I made them then leave a comment and i will write up a little something. 

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