Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Week 9 Challenge and new bag

Its Tuesday again which means time to pick a new challenge. Last weeks was satisfying for me but not all that interesting for everyone else so lets make something. 

This week I will make bows. I got some shoe clips in the post the other week so I may make bows for my shoes or maybe some for my hair I am not sure yet, I just know it will be bows this week. 

And here is my side project at the moment.

Every other week I meet up with some friends for some crochet/crafts and a chat. To carry my yarn and bits all I have is a rather dull brown reusable shopping bag which is both huge and ugly. So to I am making a new bag that is a better size and much cuter. I was inspired by a blanket I saw on Pintrest that had hearts on it made of filled or empty squares.

So I used the idea and here is the bag so far, another layer of hearts in grey then a handle in pink and it will be just right. Here is a picture of my prototype with hook for scale. 

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