Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Challenge week 6, and update on 5

The making of ice cream went well, it tasted good and although I am contemplating both how much scone and jam goes in as well as the logic of recording the amounts, I am pleased with the results. It was a surprisingly good combo. 

Sadly its not to my partners taste but that just leaves more for me. I also failed to take any pictures so I'm afraid this is a very dull looking post for me this week.

Although the next challenge should be much more colourful. Week 6 challenge is hama beads. Do you remember those little plastic beads you put on peg board and ironed? Well that's what I got, I have a few beads through already and even more on the way. 

I plan to make a companion cube for my partner and a bow for my hair. Oh and a coaster for my mum to match her cozy (really must see about getting photos of it).

My other plan is to make some items for my mum to sell at craft fairs  when they start in the summer. I'm also tempted to design some clothes to sell. But that will take some further thought. 

At the moment one of my designs is being made, a military lolita outfit, made out of an old pair of curtains. I also now have my new dress back, a red and cream one we designed for Xmas but didn't get both dresses made it time, my bad, I over did the design and made it to complicated to make in the time we had. I hope to arrange a photo shoot soon to show them off.

OK that's a lot of me talking (well typing) will try to get some pictures up soon. 

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