Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Hama beads and some ripples.

I have liked this weeks challenge, hama beads are fun, relaxing and strangely satisfying. I haven't made all the things on my list yet, still need to make mums thing, but I did make some fun stuff. 

This is my companion cube.

I saw a picture of one on pinterest and worked out the pattern from there. I missed a couple of beads on one of the sides but managed to slip them in and re-iron. I gave it to my partner who likes it, but then he enjoyed the game too.

I made me a bow, the first attempt wasn't all that, I over ironed it a bit.

But the second one looked good and I'm going to add a pin to it so I can wear it in my hair.

I also made this guy, he's a bit big for a necklace really but I'm tempted to make him into one anyway.

And these are my ripples, a nice full size blanket I'm making. It crochets up really fast and I have only been working on it for a week and a half now. 

I love this pattern, its fast to do and looks really good. I made a cushion with the same pattern using double knit and I am making this blanket by doubling up the double knit as I could not find the colours/brand I wanted in the weight I wanted.

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