Monday, 25 February 2013

The epic sort and tide.

This weeks challenge of giving away some toys soon turned into the epic clear and sort and tidy of the spare room. It all started when I mentioned to some friends that I wanted to give away some toys And one friend said she would love them to sell to raise money. I later asked if it was just toys she wanted and when she said she wanted anything she could sell it all went a bit mad.

First challenge was mount cardboard, all the boxes from Xmas has been piled up in the back and forgotten, so 3 black bags later and that was that cleared out. As I was starting a pile of stuffed toys my partner joined me and soon added some unwanted Xmas gifts and electronics. A rummage in the wardrobe added a bags worth of clothes I no longer wore. And before we knew it we had 2 black bags and 2 big boxes of stuff. 

And then I turned my attentions to my craft supplies, I have bits and pieces all over our home. Tucked anywhere my partner won't look, but even I admit it is a mess and I have no idea what I have any more. So with the purchase of some nice new boxes I began sorting. A box for felt, a box for beads, a box for scraps of yarn, tubs for balls of yarn, a box for flower and feathers and leaves. Well you get the idea. 

I decided that I didn't need my fabric stash, spread over my home as it was so I bagged that all up and gave it to my mum to make into bags and other stuff to sell, 4 bags in total. I saved 3 pieces of fabric that I just couldn't give up. Its too easy to keep a bit of fabric and say I will work out what to make with it later but the truth is I never remember and just buy more fabric.

So now I feel happy and proud of our work as I sit here in my comfy chair next to my partner as he plays his games. Admiring my work and the space it has created. But it won't stop here, more is to be done. I will sort the boxes from uni that have been in the wardrobe since I moved in. I will find new and smart ways to fit more clothes in. I will make new covers to cheer up my comfy but dull chair. I will make me a nice little crafting corner where I can work on making beautiful things. 

So with a happy contented smile I say goodnight, sorry its a boring one to read but it has been a satisfying one to do.

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