Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Shopping In Our New Skirts

The weather at the weekend was lovely, sunny and a little warm. A welcome change to the grey and wet us British have endured for the last few months. This weekend was also when we had planned a little shopping trip, so it all worked out rather well. 

We met up for a cup of tea (of course) and then went for a rummage in a couple of local craft supply shops. From the first shop I got some scrapbook sheets for a project I am plotting, some cute sticker, and some clamps.

Then we went to my favourite shop. I got some needle, thread and fat quarters for my hexy sewing mat project, I will tell you all about that later. 

So here is a picture of me and my friend in our matching skirts. We made them together. Last year for her birthday I gave her a set of IOUs and this is one of them, make her an item of clothing. I did the pattern work and showed her how to make it as I made hers and then she made mine while I supervised.

She did a really good job and I can see this becoming one of me most loved skirts.We do of course look really cute together all matching. I cant wait to make more clothes together as I teach her and learn more myself. Although not all will be quite so matching.

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