Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Getting Hexy - Sewing Machine Mat Start

I found my self looking at English paper piecing reasonably and decided I want a picnic blanket. Well that a big commitment for a busy girl like me, and what if I don't like English paper piecing when I try it? So I decided to do a smaller project using the technique first.

The other weekend, a few weekends back now, I was using my sewing machine when my partner got up, and it was rather loud to him having only just woke up. Then I saw a pin on pinterest with a pin cushion that ran the length of the front of the sewing machine. Slowly the plan came together. 

What I need is a sewing machine mat that is nice and padded to dampen the noise and protect my dining table. It needs one of those long pin cushions in front of the machine and some nice big pockets to keep all my sewing bits in. So I had a specification and with the help of some hex graph paper I soon had a design all drawn out. 

I though this was such a good idea I invited some friends to join me, so now there is 3 of us making sewing mats, and another who is making there own thing but still learning English paper piecing with us. Its all so fun.

I did some research and watched some very good videos on you tube and came to the conclusion that glue basting was the way for me. I treated me self to a Sewline fabric glue pen that the lady in the tutorial recommended and have been so pleased with it. It is so relaxing making up the hexagons ready to sew.

I have to admit I have had to make my self work on my other projects because lately I have just wanted to glue hexes. But will power and all I have told my self I must finish my other sofa craft project before I start sewing hexes together.

Although I did make this cute little box bag to keep all my hexes and supplies together both at home and on the move, its rather travel sizes. I am calling it my hexypack.

Perfect for crafting at work during lunch.

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