Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Getting organised

If I am honest I'm not very good at housework, I have never managed to get into a routine to help me get all those tiny jobs done that make a beautiful clean house. So this week my plan is to make me some plans, I don't mean just work out what to do but make lists and a timetable to break up all the tasks and spread them out.

I already do my best to do a weekly food plan but need to make sure I do it every week. I have already made me a simple plan chart that has all the boxes I need. Many of the ones I found on line didn't suit me. I don't need to plan in snacks, I don't have kids and my week starts on a Monday. So I made my own one with just lunch and dinner, Monday to Sunday with a extra column for notes so I can record things that are happening that day.

Next I need a housework plan, looking at ones other people have done I think I want one that covers a month, or rather 4 week. It wants to have daily tasks like to feed the fish but also weekly and monthly tasks for things I don't need to do that often. If I can spend 30 min per day doing jobs with maybe a little extra at the weekends for those bigger tasks I should be good. I also want a space to record a to do list for jobs I need to that are not regular like putting up that mirror I bought ages ago.

If I can work out how I will of course share, they won't be all that exciting though.

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