Sunday, 5 January 2014

Hopes and dreams and plans.

As ever there is so much I want to do. I am part way through making my partners blanket, got about 20 squares knitted on my loom and about 8 of those sewn together. He seems happy with it atm. I'm making it of some soft baby yarn, its a bit more expensive than the normal yarn I use buy my partner is worth it.
I started making some bloomers with the new sewing machine I got for Xmas but the machine is broken. The peddle or circuitry that controls it is broken and despite my best attempts to work around it I just can't sew with any accuracy with it. So its being sent back and I hope to buy a replacement in the next few weeks, a trip to my local Hobbycraft a few towns over may be in order.
I am taking a break from beaded crochet rope atm, although I must post about the latest 3 I have made, they turned out quite well. I have a good stash of size 6 beads now, my favorite size, and I will make more soon, like one for my Aunt.
I also now have a cake pop machine so expect a post about my adventures with that soon.
Other than that my to craft list includes 2 dresses and to glazing some charms. Then I will have a look at my new crochet book, maybe make some blouses and/or a new petticoat. It is safe to say that there is a lot to keep me busy atm.

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