Sunday, 13 October 2013

The Afternoon Tea Society First Bake Off.

On the way to go pick strawberries earlier in the year the idea of a bake of came up. We all loved it, we love too bake after all, we just needed a plan. 

We decided the format, 2 rounds each with a winner and an overall winner. We agreed to have a technical round and a creative round. Then we needed to decide what to make.

The first round was easy to decide once we had a date, a few days before the event was me stepdads birthday. So we appointed him one of our 3 judges and made the technical round his favorite cake. Coffee cake it was.

Next was the creative round, we needed something vague that gave us lots of room to be creative. What to pick was a big question. We thought long and hard and finally decided on apple, that was our second round.

I was so sure I didn't have a chance when I saw how amaisingly good all the other entrants bakes looked. I felt out matched, these where beautiful cakes that smelled like heaven! 

So my surprise my apple and cinnamon cookies won, I knew they where nice having made them for work a week before to test the recipe but I really didn't think they would hold up agenst the others.

Below is a picture of all of the entrants the middle 3 of us holding our winners spoons. 

I will post my winning cookie recipe at a later date.

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