Thursday, 17 October 2013

Some Dream Clothes - Thinking Autumn

Here are some pictures off my Lolita fashion Pinterest board that I love. They for me say autumn. The summer is over and its time to calm down and take it easy for a bit. Gone are the bright exciting colors, that time for fire and energy are over. Now we take our time to walk in the warm evening that is autumn and relax before winter comes.

I love the yoke on this, the pin tucks and buttons are just perfect. This in may ways sums up Lolita fashion to me. Its well made, from good material. Styled to flatter the lady. Tailored to fit just right. Just lovely.

This is so sweet, with a shawl to keep the chill off and its wonderful. 
The detail on this is lovely, the layered dress over blouse, a little warmer, the warm tones, perfect.

And of course proper layers, I am a real sucker for a cardigan.

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