Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Plans for a spring dress and week 16 challenge

I have been thinking about a summer dress and have decided to make a simple princess seams, a line dress with straps and a ruffle detailed straight neckline. The bottom with have a fake ruffle bottomed underskirt and if I'm brave enough a scalloped edge. I have never done scallops so its going to be a challenge, but if I wimp out I will just add lace to a plain hem to soften the edge.

Week 16 challenge is lipstickbalm, or that is what I'm calling it. 

I bought some cheep lipstick off ebay and as you can imagine its not very good, the colours are nice but the feel is all wrong, far too thin and oily. As my lip balm recipe is quite hard / thick I think that combining one batch of lip balm with a stick of lipstick will make a nice heavily tinted lip balm.

So on Friday the girls are coming round and we are going to have us an experiment. See if it works as I hope. I have 3 colours a pink, a pale pink and a peach, it will be interesting to see the results. If it works I will post lots of pictures and the recipe used.

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