Monday, 1 April 2013

Picture showcase

This week I have decided to have a week off the challenges. Have a week to think and plan and design. 

I started the bunny skirts and got one mostly done but time ran out and the elastic was a failure, it went in fine but was not elastic enough to do the job I needed it to do. I would have continued with making them over the weekend but I promised I would wait to make them with my friend so she can learn from the making. Luckily she is a fast learner and with some new elastic and a couple of hours work we will be all done with skirt one and onto skirt two.

But in the mean time let me amuse you with some of my other creations. 

This is my new super chunky and snuggle blanket, made using the same pattern as the cushion I made earlier in the year but I doubled up the yarn and changed to my 8mm hook. It worked up really fast and is so warm and snuggle. I think my mum fell in love with it when she saw it so I may have to make her one in time for next winter. 

Next keeping with the warm theme is my new arm/wrist warmers.

Made with the simplest of patterns, just a rectangle of half double crochet joined along one side with space for the thumb. I used 4ply yarn and I think it was a 3mm hook, they are nice and soft and warm, perfect for working in the cold.

Next we have some beads I got while out on my mummy and me day.

They where such cute flower beads. The pack came with six beads so I made two bracelets, one for me and one for my friend. I bought pearls in a colour to match and got bead caps and finding out of my stash. 

Last of all let me share some sketches of ideas for blouses. I have been working on concepts as both me and my lolita friend are in need of some blouses to build up our wardrobes. So here we go.

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