Thursday, 21 March 2013

Octipus, elephant, its week 12

This is my octopus

I like him, he's cute. I think there might be too many colours and that some are not quite right but he looks good. I really should think of something to do with him. 

This week I am going to make a crochet elephant. I decided this morning as soon as I saw the pin my friend posted on pinterest. I have some grey 4ply and I'm using my small 2mm hook so it should turn out all small and tight, hopefully. 

Speaking of pinterest I'm almost at 100 followers, which is kinda kool. Shame no one watches me here. I have several nice projects planned soon plus as the weather picks up, unlike that freak march snow when I was trying to have my mummy and me day, I hope to have some photo shoots to share some of my clothes. 

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