Sunday, 6 January 2013

Challenge week 1 -Making ice cream

I decided to go with vanilla with bits of Oreo in it. A simple recipe with only a few ingredients. I used the French vanilla recipe from my new Ben and Jerry's recipe book and added some broken up oreos at the end. 

This is my first ever attempt at making ice cream, so I was a little nervous. Having done a little research on the subject I made my mix a couple of hours before and stored in in the fridge so it was really cold when it went in the machine. 

It tasted lovely! It was creamy and sweet and the oreos where a lovely match to the vanilla base. It did how ever melt again far to fast, I think I should have left it in the machine a little longer or made it ahead of time and stored in in the freezer to firm up. 

I made half the amount the recipe said as I only have a small machine. Even so this still gave me 3 portions, 2 of which where quickly devoured by me and my partner while the last was put in the freezer. On inspection this morning it has firmed up wonderfully . 

My first attempt at ice cream went well and I look forward to trying more recipes. I'm also looking forward to eating that last portion of ice cream I have waiting in the freezer. I think my challenge was a success. Now to decide on the next one.

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