Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Challenge week 4

This one I'm afraid is driven by something I need to do.

This week I will be designing and doing pattern work for a military lolita outfit. It will consist of a bustled skirt and a waistcoat. I have the skirt pretty much done now, so its just picking a design for the waistcoat and doing the pattern work. I have a pattern to use for a base I just need to reshape it to what I want. So that's my challenge, I'll let you know how it goes. 

Plus I hope to soon post pictures of the tea cozy and the "blue wave sofa set" as I have decided to call it, my cushion and blanket. Hope to have some good stuff to share soon. 

This Friday I am going yarn shopping then teaching some friends to crochet. They are learning fast , we have not had many lessons yet and my powers of description are weak but we are getting there. When I go to the shop I hope to get yarn for my blanket and some to make a lizard for a friends birthday gift, the lizard sounds like a challenge, some fiddly bits on it, but when you say "you can have a stuffed toy of what ever you want" you have to just cope when they pick something hard. 

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