Friday, 26 June 2015

Experements in doll hair.

Resently I have been facinated with the idea of modifying dolls. I have bought myself a couple of second hand monster high dolls and been trying some things out. 

One of my first experements is in rerooting, I don't have the cash or confidents at the moment to take the plunge and buy proper doll hair but after reading up on rooting and wig making I had the idea to use yarn.

This is my results:

It is a slow process inserting each piece of yarn so I only did part of the head (well cap in this dolls case) to get a feel for prosess and the results. I quite like the results. When I untwisted the parts of the yarn it had a lovely tight wave. The yarn did make for a very thick poofy hair.

My thought on yarn for doll hair:
Can be as long as you like, no limit
Lots of colours and types available
Looks good
Very full/thick, may not work for all looks.

More pictures:

Then I decide to try someting else. brushing it.

I had to work in sections and it took a bit of time to comb it through but it turned out well. The combing removed alot of the fibers so reduced the volume and length of the hair. Actually it removed a suprising amount of fiber and left me with quite a fluff ball.

My thought on this style:
Its so soft
Cute and fluffy
Length is limit to the length of the fibers in the yarn

Then I gave it a quick cut and style. 

Very cute, I like it.

For reference I used a cheap acrylic yarn I had left over from another project.

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