Tuesday, 30 December 2014

New year

It has been a busy year and next year promises to be even more eventful. In the new year I move from my beloved sea front flat to a lovely little house in the suburbs. Its going to be hard to say good bye to this home, we have been so happy here for the last 6 years but there are lots of pluses to the new place.

One of the big bonuses of the new house is that I get my own hobby room. I have to share it with the tumble dryer and my wardrobe buy its not a big sacrifice to have a room dedicated to crafts and lets be honest having all my clothes in my craft room could be good.

Its with the expectation of my impending craft room and the normal time of reflection that comes with Christmas and the new year my thoughts come to my new years resolutions. Normally like everyone else this time of year we want to say "this is the year". We set our self goals that by march are abandoned or forgotten, I will loose weight, I will get a new job, I will do this other big thing and so on. Not me this year.

This year I will set my self just 5 achievable goals.

1) Pastel Herb cord
Make or buy a Lolita cordinate based on mint green or lavender. I have had a passion for mint green and chocolate for a while, and lately I have been loving lavender, I must have an outfit based on one of these.

2) Make something to give away
To remind me to show those in my life how much they mean to me.

3) Make something in chiffon or crepe
Materials I have never used before so will be a challenge. Plus I have been longing over a certain favorite skirt for years and lately fan plus friends chiffon lovers line, I need the soft decedent feel of these clothes in my life.

4) The book of old bears
I have far too many teddy bears, over the years I have collected more that any sensible girl should, so I plan to give lots of them away. It feels so wrong to just give them away as most of them hold a memory, so I will make a album of them to remember them by.

5) A place for everything and everything in its place
I will have a clean and tidy craft room, my sanctuary away from the world. It will be organised, every thing will have its place and it will stay that way.

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