Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Strawberry jam and embroidery

Late summer means strawberry day, my tea girls and I head out to a local pick your own farm and gather a few punnets of fresh fruit. Then back home to cook up the jam and some scones.

This year not many of us could make it but my self, Mother and Sally had great fun. The farm had raised strawberry beds which was great for Mother on her sticks, so we left her gathering them while Sally and my self went to go get plums and raspberrys. Once we had a bag of plums and 2 punnets of raspberrys we headed back to help Mother finish the last of the 5 strawberry punnets.

Check out this mutant strawberry with leaves growing out of it.

Then back to mine we went, as I had agreed to be host this year. We hulled and washed 2kg of the strawberrys and set about cooking them into jam. There are not many smells in this world that can beat that of a pot of jam cooking away. Mother made up a batch of her fruit scones, while wrighting down the recpie for me, and soon we where ladeling the jam into little jars.

We had thought that 2Kg of strawberrys would not make too much jam but soon realised we didnt have enought 2oz jars for it all. A mad scrabble was on to find any jars we could and wash them, and in the end we ended up storing the last bits in plastic tubs. I got 15 little jars and one tub, Mother and Sally got 17 jars, 2 tubs, and 2 other larger jars all from our one pot.

Sadly the jam did not properly set again this year, we dont have much luck with that, but it tastes amaising. I made some topper for the jars as shown in the first picture and gave 4 of them away to people at work. So far all those that have tried it agree with me about it tasting great but a bit too runny.

I kept a punnet each of strawberrys and raspberrys and over the next few days set about freezing them for later. I need to test Mothers scone recipe and see if it works for me, and f it does make it into a scrapbook page for my recipe book. Still need a successful atempt at making jam before I can write that one up.

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