Thursday, 20 February 2014

Feeling Organised

As mentioned in my last post I am on a mission to get organised. Banish the mess and have a nice, clean, organised home.

Its going well, I have a housework plan that lives on a cupboard door and the food plan lives on the front of the fridge freezer, both for easy access. Using them is helping, splitting the jobs into small bits that each can be done in a few minutes makes it more manageable. Having a schedule for the jobs means that I do a little each day and with each day the house looks a little nicer.

Little things like making the bed and picking up the laundry make such a difference in my home, adding things like feeding the fish makes the list look longer so I feel like I have achieved lots each day when I have only spent 5min doing stuff.

The food plan is a must for me and my partner, we are terrible for never knowing what we want to eat. I would buy lots of nice food and plenty of vegs but with no plan I found that I was throwing out a heartbreaking amount of food. I cant abide waste, its the way I was brought up, waste not want not. But with a food plan I can buy just what I need, especially when it comes to fridge stuff.
Then I attacked my craft organisation. I had a big sort out of my stash a while back so that is doing well but it was my to do list that was causing me troubles. I, like most crafters I know, have a problem of too many unfinished projects.

I have plans and designs for tones of stuff and I wanted away to keep a track of it all. So I made up a project front sheet to record all the details of the project. I keep each project in a plastic pocket and all the projects in a ring binder. At the front of the binder is my to do list that lists all the items outstanding.

I'm terrible for forgetting things that I start or that I buy part of what I need then get distracted by the next idea. I have to limit my self, finish something before I start the next. I like to always have what I call a sofa craft on the go, something I can do while we watch tv or my partner plays games. But at the same time I tend to have what I guess is a weekend craft like dressmaking, something that needs more space or tools.

So I am restricting my crafts to one sofa and one weekend at a time. Which for now means my partners blanket and a dress once I have some jewellery finished.

If you are interested have a look at my planners etc linked below. I may change them a little as I see how they work out. 

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