Tuesday, 31 December 2013

End of 2013

This year has been quite busy, last year I started this blog to encourage me too do more and make more. And although I stopped the challenges part way through the year I have done more this year.
My health has been a little off this year with more migraines and some other issues. I can't complain though, it hasn't slowed me down much, maybe left me feeling a little down some days but not too bad. There has been changes at work this year, a lot of the people I worked with left. I am now the 3rd longest serving member of my department at 4.5 years. But I did get a promotion which was nice, was nice to be recognised for all info at work.
It was also about a year a go that I started teaching Lizzie to crochet, she soon asked if I could also teach one of her other friends Louise and from that came 2 great thinks in my life. First is a great friend I still cant work out how I didn't meet sooner, Louise, she is wonderful and I am glad to have her in my life now (also happy to have got to know her daughter who is one of the smartest 13 year olds I have ever known). The more we talked the more we realised we had just missed meeting most of our lives, went to the same school 1 year apart, drank at the same pub, with the same people, but never met till this year.
We (my friend Lizzie and myself) also started the Afternoon Tea Society with Louise to start with but it now includes Rosie, Sally (my aunt), Belinda (mother), Lucia and most recently Marcia. Its a lovely group of girls who love to make and share. Its has inspired me to make and given me such joy. Its so good to finally have a group of girl friends, for so much of my life I have been surrounded by mostly men.
I know I'm a little behind my with my posts and my projects, life often finds ways to get in the way of what we want to achieve. I have so much I want to do, so much that inspires me at the moment.
Going into next year I plan to keep making and sharing and enjoying my life with my partner and my friend.

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