Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Full fade blanket

This is my full fade blanket.

The info on how I made is is here:

I am really pleased, the change between colors is nice and gradual as I had hoped. Using 3 strands of dk and a 10mm hook means its also really warm and thick. Mother loved it as I hoped she would. And if I'm honest I was a little sad to let it go and may make a simular one for my self in the near future.

It did however take the best part of 12 100g balls of yarn, so you know it is really thick. Time wise I worked on it for less that 2 weeks, evening mostly so not a very long project. Its 57 rows long, not including the chain, so it really did work up super fast.

The picture above shoes the colours best I think.

Hope you like, if you give it a try your self please share, I would love to see.

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