Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Frozen yoghurt pops, wk 26

So this weeks challenge was to make a frozen healthy snack. I have a bit of a sweet tooth and I know its not good for me. So I have a non sugar based treat in the flat I decided to make some yoghurt pops. 

I don't think I did very well, they look good but I'm not sure I like the taste. 

It was a busy weekend with me and my partner celebrating being together for 8 years, time really fly's. We went out for the day Monday and it wasn't till I was on my way home that I had a chance to buy some yoghurt. 

I got fat free yoghurt and it tastes a little sharp to me. I put in some pineapple chunks and they where kinda nice, they where a little chewy which I liked. 

If I try this again I want to use a better yoghurt, maybe put the pineapple in the blender for a bit and mix in the yoghurt. Maybe some smaller chunks too. 

Not my best project but at least I did it in time. Will try other ideas and share in time.

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